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About Us

Loopie is the first on-demand mobile laundry delivery solution servicing the greater Seattle area.


We believe that our creative approach to doing laundry can improve the lives of both our Certified Washers and our customers. We value the opportunity that we can provide through our platform and hope to continue our mission of creating the best peer-to-peer laundry network in the U.S.


By having washers in the same neighborhood as its customers, we can efficiently deliver laundry and achieve shorter turnaround times than existing methods (i.e. laundry delivery service, laundromats, or having your mom do it for you). We currently charge our customers $29.99 per standard Loopie duffel bag (10"W x 18"L x 14"D), and charge $73.99 per commercial Loopie bag (30” x 40”).