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Do you pick-up and deliver? How much is it?

Yes! We only offer pick-up and delivery service. Our Wash and Fold Service is a flat rate of $29.99 per bag for the greater Seattle area. As long as the zipper can close, we’ll wash dry and fold!

Do I have to be home when you pick up or deliver my clothes?

No, you can and should be doing whatever you’d like! Just make sure to remember, when scheduling the service, to provide clear instructions indicating where we can find your clothes and drop them off.

Please ensure that you have a secure space to leave your clothes that won’t get rained on before or after pick up / delivery. If you live in an apartment or condo complex, you can leave the clothes with the front desk attendant if they have one, or outside your door. If your building requires a code to enter, please inform us at the time of placing the order.

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your laundry, that’s fine too- just schedule pick up for a time that you know you’ll be home and we will pick up from you in person.

Do you fold or hang my clothes?

Unfortunately for the moment we are are unable to take special requests. Everything we wash and fold we do with precision and attention to detail.

Do you separate whites from colors?

No, but we make sure everything is washed on optimal settings to yield the best possible results. That being said, please don’t include something you know will be problematic with your favorite dress. You probably shouldn’t have us wash your favorite dress, either for that matter.

We recommend, if you are interested in separate loads for whites and colors to simply order two bags, filling one with all of your whites and the other with all of your colors.

Where do you operate?

We currently offer our services to the greater Seattle area including but not limited to the Capitol Hill, Fremont, Wallingford, Magnolia, Queen Anne, Ballard, University District, and South Lake Union neighborhoods of Seattle. As well as Greenlake. If you are unsure of if we can deliver to you download the app and enter your zipcode, or email us at and we will do our best to accommodate your needs!


Do I need to sign a contract?

No contract is required. We will earn your business each and every time we launder orders for you or your customers. Though we do offer monthly plans that will help you, save and even potentially earn money through our partner programs.

How often do you pick-up and deliver?

We will work with each customer on an individual basis and create a schedule that works for you. We offer custom plans that can be daily, two days a week, weekly, bi weekly etc for pick up and delivery times. For example, an apartment building might want to offer our services as an additional perk to living in that building. They might have set weekly times i.e Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 11:00AM when Loopie is scheduled to pick up any orders from residents left at the front office. And additional set weekly or daily times when Loopie returns any orders placed previously. By partnering with Loopie, hotels, Airbnb hosts, retirement homes and Apartment buildings, make it even more convenient for their residents to have a great living experience.

How does commercial billing work?

There are a number of options for commercial clients, depending on what you are and who your clients are, and their needs. (A retirement home might have different laundry service needs than a college dorm.) You can simply sign up for a business partnership and order through the Loopie app for each order you place, or you can pay a monthly fee to be one of our partners and receive discounted rates and even be able to set your own prices on top of Loopie’s service fee. In other words, you might be interested in offering your clients with “complimentary laundry delivery services” which would mean that you would pay Loopie per order, and we would take care of the delivery and washing so you don’t have to. Or, you might want to simply say that you are partnered with Loopie and have weekly pick up and drop off times to make it easier on your residents to use the service. It would be up to you if you made them pay you for the service, if it was built into their existing rent payments, or if you want to charge them an additional convenience fee on top of our existing rate. Whatever the solution we will work diligently with our commercial partners to find a custom solution that fits your needs!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a partner, don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consultation at